Yes, SomeOne Is On The Throne

Revelation 4:1-2 NIV

1 After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, “Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this.” 2 At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with SomeOne sitting on it.

SomeOne sits upon the throne, and this SomeOne is NOT a something, NOT a billowing cloud, NOT a bursting light. He is a Person! He is SomeOne unlike anyone else but SomeOne Who is easily recognizable as a person just as if we had walked into an auditorium and easily recognized that the speaker is a living person on stage and not simply light emanating from a flat screen.

Our Father is a real Person just as each of us is a real person. It is not that our Father just so happens to have eyes and ears, hands and feet as we do. We have eyes and ears, hands and feet, because He made us like Himself. So if we, as human beings, want to gain something of an idea of what our Father in Heaven may look like as He sits upon His throne, we need only look in the mirror! It is not that He looks like us. We look like Him. We are the children. He's much better looking than any of us, but there are more similarities than there are differences between us. God made us like Himself in appearance but also in consciousness, in our ability and desire to relate to others, in our innate grasp of right and wrong, and in our ability and responsibility to choose who and how much we will love.

God made us like Himself in these and in so many other ways, because He wants us to believe that we can actually know Him and be close to Him and live eternally blessed with Him. He wants us to want Him, but we are the ones who decide. We are exactly like God in this way. We have absolute, inviolable, and unalterable control over our own ultimate, eternal destiny, to choose between life in Him and death apart from Him, because He has decided to give this power to each of us. Genuine, loving relationship is impossible apart from the genuine power of ultimate and final decision. He wants something with us that is real, not contrived. He wants substance, not mere show.

He longs for us to choose well, to choose Him! It is to this end that He has given us so many resources by which we can get to know Him. He has given us the Bible, which He means to be our primary source of truthful information. He has written things down that we might we see them clearly, study them over time, return to them again and again, share them with others, and understand that He, and these truths about Him, never change.

He gives us His Holy Spirit Who is humble, gentle, quiet, unassuming, unimposing, but Who will lead us safely and surely down the narrow path directly behind Jesus if we respectfully and carefully attend to Him. It is He Who inspired men to write the Bible for us. It is He Who makes the words of the Bible come alive to us as we read, study, and meditate upon these words. Our God is not One propagating confusing feelings, unknown symbols and mere gestures open to subjective interpretations. He is the God of ultimate clarity and certainty. Confusion is of the devil and us. Those who want to sin against God claim confusion regarding His Word merely to escape His righteous and beneficial rule to our own destruction. He is clear, and confusion He does not communicate.

He has given us His Son, Who was and is the tangible expression of all that is God! He is the ruling Lion, the King of Kings. He is the sacrificial Lamb, the Savior of the lost. When He shines in all His beauty, we see the heights of God's great glory. When He suffered on the cross, we saw the depths of God's limitless love. Just as another might see us, gain a first impression and foolishly assume they know us from our outward appearance, so God cannot be known merely by His appearance, awesome as it is. God, like any of us made in His image, is so much more than what can be seen with our eyes.

Beyond His written Word, His Spirit, His Word become flesh in His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, He has given us all creation as a testimony to Himself. His marvelous grandeur is seen in the mountains and sky and the galaxies of the universe. His meticulous attention to detail is seen in every petal of a flower, a butterfly's wings, the songs of birds, and the intricate workings of a cell more complex than all the goings on inside a large, modern city full of active people. He created within each of us individually and also shared among us collectively many of His characteristics that assist us in knowing Him. The Scriptures tell us that God has set eternity in the heart of man. Somehow we all know there is something more and beyond this life we live here and now. He has created conscience within us such that we know that some things are right and some are simply wrong. He has given us the ability to decide. Decision-making may appear at times to be controlled by others, but is proven over and over to truly be ours alone by so many who are willing to choose things they want though opposed by tremendous external forces and willing to suffer loss, pain, even death, rather than to decide differently.

We assume that "seeing" is knowing. This is probably true, but the problem is really seeing. Seeing is not always accomplished with the eyes. In order for a person born blind to "see,", the blind person must use his or her hands and fingers to feel the other person's face. The face must be touched again and again. It is a slow process compared to "seeing" with one's eyes, but an image can be formed in the mind using both methods though one takes much longer.

"Seeing" God is for us much more akin to seeing as one blind "sees." If we, over the years of our lives, deeply desire to see God, if we are willing to be bold, if we are willing to invest the time and work, if we are willing to settle for nothing less than truth, then God is willing and desirous to let us "see" His face. At first it will be much more like seeing as a blind person sees. In this process we will slowly get prepared to see He Who cannot be imagined ahead of time nor fully comprehended when the time arrives, but Who can only be delightfully discovered more and more in the majesty and splendor of His unmatched love, which is the "stuff" of God, that of which He is, the "building blocks" of He Who was never built but has always been and will always be! God is love!

God has also given us apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers as gifts to the church that we might be led to Him, led back to Him when we stray, and be led ever deeper into Him. These gifts of God to us from among us, are the most flawed and frail of His gifts and yet speak of God's great grace and patience in putting up with us, because it is us that He wants far more that anything we might do for Him or give to Him. We are His goal, and just as He has so freely given Himself to us, so He longs for each of us to give ourselves fully and freely back to Him that we might live lives of unceasing, ever-increasing love for each other, that is, God loving us and we loving God.

In this understanding I point you to the ministries of the people referred to below. I do not recommend these lightly. I believe they are gifts of God to us. No human should be trusted inherently. Paul, the Apostle, who himself was used by the Holy Spirit to write half of our New Testament, warned and encouraged his readers to reject him should he ever present to them a "different," a false gospel. So say I, and so say these below. Reject our words if they do not align with the Scriptures of God. Test the spirits for all are not from God. Know that God has offered us His Word, His Spirit, His Son, His creation witness around and within us, and many apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers that we might correctly discern truth so long as the Truth, Jesus Christ is THE TRUTH, is Who we want above all others!

… Wayne

The Bible Is A Book Like No Other

Read or listen every day begiining today! Once Begun, Never Give Up!

The Bible is God's direct revelation of foundational, vital, and beautiful truth. In spite of the Bible's size, scope and complexity, it is truly simple and concise in comparison to the devil's flood of lies and deceptions at every turn which are ultimately incomprehensible as are the insane plans of all petty criminals destined to be caught and imprisoned by the police who are smarter, more numerous, and better armed. The devil stands no chance against God. When one embarks on a plan that cannot be accomplished or picks a fight that cannot be won that person is justly labeled a fool. Such is the devil and all who follow him either intentionally or unknowingly because they are too wickedly lazy to pursue the truth of things all around them. These people do not look up at the stars in the night sky nor do they gain understanding from the funerals they attend. This little world of ours is not all there is, and whatever this is now it will soon end and change dramatically. We do well to ask questions and demand real answers. The Bible answers our questions and so much more.

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There is much in the book of Daniel that has remained mysterious for the past 2,500 years. The book itself says its truths would be "sealed" until the time of the end. In view of the men mentioned who went largely unknown in their times, should we be surprised that one man, living in relative obscurity in England today, has been given revelations from God that "unseal" much that book's mysteries? Derek Walker has written multiple books and produced lots of videos dedicated to revealing these truths in the most basic of terms for no charge whatsoever other than the time and effort necessary to search them out and study them. This is not to be missed by anyone genuinely seeking to understand life and death, time and eternity, humanity and God.

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Lots of "Christians" crave the "Power of God," when what they are really wanting is the "Candy of God," which sizzles, pops, and bursts, inducing near drunken states of good-tasting swirls of ecstasy. Spiritual candy produces about what physical candy produces: quick energy, a quick rise in insulin quickly lowering your blood sugar leaving you with less energy than you had before sugary satiation, and, of course, cavities, weight gain and diabetes. Physical or spiritual, candy is to be an occasional treat and not the primary, nor even a significant, ingredient of our daily meals. Sugary candies, cakes, ice creams, condiments, toppings, sauces, and the like are everywhere in the grocery store, the restaurant, the kitchen, the Sunday School lesson, the Sunday sermons, Christian radio, television, and books. Eat healthy (physically and spiritually) to feel better, enjoy health, and live stronger longer.

The Power of God which would be quite handy and useful right now is the power to stay committed in our marriages, the power to say no to cheap undeserved selfish pleasures at the cost of others' expensive unjustified forced sacrifices, the power to actually read the Bible rather than reading books supposedly about the Bible, or perhaps the power to invest in God's eternal Kingdom by settling for something a bit less than what we want so another can be given what he or she so desperately needs. We need the power to bear insults against ourselves paying back only forgiveness and blessings so as to promote the matchless name of Jesus. We need that amazing power that only God can muster within us to turn off the television and the radio and to endure the quiet where we can speak to, and actually hear from, our Father God. We need the power which allows our special-effects entertainment-addicted minds to put up with a simple country preacher telling us rock-solid truth. This is what we will get if we click on the link above and pay attention until the end. Ask God for this power, His power, to listen to His message through this man, to take it to heart, and to put it into practice!

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